Tuesday, August 15, 2017

EdTech Projects for Your Digital Classroom

In the spirit of back to school, I want to share some of my favorite project ideas. Using technology in the classroom increases engagement and can take learning to new heights. I'm continually amazed by all that technology can do. 

In full disclosure, I do have a Teachers pay Teachers store called Business Girl where you can find my projects, however, the purpose of this post is not to purely refer you to my products, but rather to share with you my favorite project ideas and websites that your students can use to create some pretty great stuff.


This program is one of my favorites. It's free to use and allows students to create amazing infographics. You don't have to be a design pro to use this site. My students were impressed by the ease at which they created beautiful looking products. Several of them even preferred it to creating a PowerPoint or Google Slides. 


You can create infographics for any number of projects. Any research project that you would do can easily be adapted to have students create an infographic instead of a presentation, essay, brochure, or the like. 

Some of my project ideas include:

Scams Research Project

I use this in my Personal Finance course when I teach consumerism, but this project could be used in any number of courses. Students research a scam of their choosing and create a project to report their research. This assignment gives students the option to choose between writing a short essay (1 page) or creating an infographic in Piktochart to promote personalized learning. 

Savings and Money Habits of a Generation

In this project students use Piktochart to create an infographic representing research about the money habits of a generation. Again, I like to give students a choice so they don't have to use Piktochart, but the rubric included allows for personalized learning.

Country Research and Infographic

I use this activity in my Introduction to Business and Marketing course when I cover factors of production and economic indicators. 

For this assignment I usually have students work with a partner and allow no more than one group to sign up for each country. Students need access to the Internet and particularly the CIA World Factbook to complete the assignment. Students research their country of choice using the provided worksheet, then students use their research to create an infographic.


I'm a huge Canva fan. I use it to create all of my blog and TpT graphics. You don't have to have a lot of skill because the program provides you with pre-made templates. Once the project is created you can download the file as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF. I do a lot of online submission assignments so students upload their creation through the online portal and I grade it from there. 

This program is especially great for a business course because it allows you to make so many different types of mediums. You can make anything from social media posts (great for a Marketing/Advertising course), posters, brochures, logos, invitations, and much more.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Campaign

My students do a food truck project, so they create a social media campaign for their food trucks, however, this project could be done with any business concept. In this project students work as a group to outline their social media campaign. 

Campaigns will include: target audience, goals, paid promotions, how they will get followers, and social media account management. As a group they will also create a social media posting schedule including dates, times, and topics they will post about. 

Individually students will be assigned a form of social media to create posts for. These social media forms include: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Students use Canva to design these posts. Then students upload the pictures into Google Docs and write out their posts there.

Letter Head

This could be for your school or a business concept. Then teach students the proper format and etiquette for writing a letter. I have mine write a cover letter, and I was shocked by the lack of professionalism. They thought words like "psyched" and "grind" were appropriate for a cover letter. Yikes! Re-teaching to the rescue!

Cover Letter


Hosting an event at your school? Have students design invitations in Canva!

Vision Board

Digital Vision Board and S.M.A.R.T. Goals Project

In this project students create a digital vision board for their personal finances in Canva. Then students must write a short-term, mid-term, and long-term goal using the S.M.A.R.T. criteria and identify 3 factors that may influence each goal. 


Create logos in Canva for an individual or a business. Students can choose from numerous templates and design elements.


Use this template to have students create a magazine cover. This could be about a literary character, historical event, or any other topic that tickles your fancy. 

Then have students write a magazine article to include. For example, in Personal Finance I have my students write an editorial on debt.


If you are not already using Socrative, it's the best thing since sliced bread. My favorite way to use Socrative is as a formative assessment. I ask open ended questions and have students answer those questions with their device. 

Writing Prompts

Socrative is an easy format to have students submit answers to a writing prompt of your choosing. No need to worry about paper and results can be easily viewed once submitted.

I also have a few basic Socrative quizzes created that can be used for any topic as an exit ticket. Check out this link to add some of my digital exit tickets to your own account-- for FREE!

Digital High School Exit Tickets for Any Class

Google Slides

Google Slides is a great way to encourage collaboration among students. I love that students can simultaneously edit the file. The link can then easily be shared with others. It is also compatible with tablets and iPads which makes for easy access.


As you go through each unit, create a reflection or application assignment that relates key concepts to the real-world. Students work on the portfolio and submit the project at the end of the semester.

Personal Finance Portfolio

This is a comprehensive project I cover over the course of a semester in my Personal Finance class. Students create a Google Slides Presentation throughout the semester that will demonstrate their understanding of course concepts. You could easily adapt this project idea for any course.

I tried this project with Prezi and Microsoft PowerPoint, but Google Slides won out and now I only allow my students to use Slides. With Slides I don't have to worry about my students losing their work or forgetting their project at home, plus it's extremely user friendly.


Presentations are a great way for students to display their knowledge of a topic. Based on time you can decide if you will have them actually share with the class.

Food Truck Business Pitch Presentations

In this project students develop a presentation for their food truck business pitch presentation. Students explain their business concept, develop a presentation, use persuasive techniques to sell their idea, and evaluate the pitches of their classmates. 

For this section of the project I have the students prepare a presentation in Google Slides with the instructions provided. Then the students take turns presenting to the class. I usually invite 2-3 "guest investors" aka adults from the school or community to come observe. I usually give the guest investors about $20,000 (pretend money) to allocate to whichever food truck they like. The students then each have $5,000 to invest in 1 food truck of their choosing. I total up all of the money and the group that gets the most money gets extra credit on the project.

Google Docs

Just like Google Slides, students can work collaboratively to share ideas and create a variety of different documents. They're are several different templates students can use for different projects. I usually just have my students use Google Docs for written assignments like business plans, financial plans, brochures, and my latest favorite-- an e-book.


Brochures combine text and visual components to display knowledge. Google Docs has several brochure templates to choose from. If you're all about personalized learning, brochures are a great  alternative for students that don't love infographics.


Depending on your course, topics can greatly vary. Informative, persuasive, argumentative--select your cup of tea and get those students researching! 

Student Loan Research Paper 

In this project students write an argumentative essay on student loan debt with a claim and counterclaim. I expect students to find and cite their sources.

Financial Plan

This is part of a semester long project I do in my Introduction to Business and Marketing course. In this activity students create a financial plan for their food truck business. 


  • Identify business assets and research estimated costs
  • Determine needed capital and write a plan for how they will obtain start-up capital
  • Differentiate between start-up and operating expenses
  • Describe financial records management
  • Evaluate revenue, operating expenses, and net income
  • Describe growth financing
  • Create a purchase order and invoice
All in Google Docs!


Google Docs has a template for a newsletter. This is another spin on the brochure and encourages students to work on their written communication.


An e-book is one of my latest ideas and they turned out well. Give students a topic and have them write a e-book. They can even get creative and choose a theme such as a children's book, time traveling, or a scrapbook.

Evolution of Business: Technology Innovations E-Book

Students use the "Book Report" template in Google Docs to create an e-book with their research from an assigned time period. This project idea is great for historical events, but could also be used in any number of capacities.

Thanks again for your support! Hopefully you've found a new idea that you can take and adapt for your classroom. What are your favorite #edtech projects?

Don't forget to check out my store Business Girl for more project ideas! Also, take advantage of my FREEBIES! I'd love feedback on these resources!

Teaching Entrepreneurship with Food Trucks

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