Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beginner's Football-themed Burlap Wreath

For the past few years I've seen neighbors who had the cutest, most festive, wreaths during football season. My husband and I are UT fans (GO VOLS!...don't hold it against me).  If you aren't a Vols fan you could easily adapt this design to represent your own alma mater. I also have quite a thing for burlap, so I thought why not combine the two? 

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I have only made 2 or 3 other wreaths so I am definitely NOT a professional. I looked up online ways to make burlap wreaths and my skill level did not match up to these women who created a wreath in less than 60 seconds. I played around with mine and came up with this solution through trial and error. This is a beginner level technique that makes a cute wreath!

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Tie or secure your burlap ribbon to the wire wreath.

Step 2: Weave the piece of burlap through each rung on the wreath. After each set of 3, use the wire or pipe cleaners to secure the set then begin on the next layer. 

I was able to do two layers per segment of the wreath.

This picture shows where I tied my wire:

Continuing on to the next layer within the segmented wreath.

A close up of how I weaved the ribbon through the wire rungs:

Step 3: The letters I purchased were unfinished and I wanted them to be white for UT (orange and white), but you could paint your letters any color based on your alma mater's team colors.

Step 4: Allow your letters to dry. Next, use the wire to secure each letter onto the wreath. I decided to put my letters on one side and ribbon on the other, but you could spread them out around the wreath or do letters on top and ribbon on bottom or visa versa.

Step 5: Cut your ribbon into pieces. I like to cut a triangle at the end of my ribbon to give it a cute touch. 


Run your ribbon through the metal rungs of the wreath. I alternated with mine and did some on the inside rungs, some on the outside, and some in the middle.

Continue to tie your ribbons around the wreath until you get your desired appearance. Here is my finished product:

Comment if you have questions! Happy crafting!!

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