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A Mama's Guide to Toys for 0-3 Months

Bringing my little man home from the hospital, I never dreamed how quickly he would grow and change. From that sweet little bundle of joy to a curious explorer, Baby B has already changed so much in such a short time. Instead of always wanting to be cuddled he enjoys laying on the floor kicking his feet, rolling over, and grabbing for toys. He has recently mastered the happy baby yoga pose and loves his little feet. Nothing makes me happier than watching him play and discover the world around him.

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Let's talk about toys. When it comes to baby gear there are SO many options, but how can you narrow it down to just purchasing the things baby will really enjoy? These 5 things are what I'd recommend for the top of your list:

1. Activity Gym

We have the Fisher Price Wigglin' Play Gym and Baby B has enjoyed checking out the hanging toys and listening to the music from about 1 month on. He has really gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this item and still plays with it at nearly 5 months. I used to put him in the Rock N' Play while I made the bed or got dressed, but now he hates being left in it, however, he'll play happily under this activity gym with no problems.

Just be careful and check there reviews when you're considering which one to buy. I saw a few when I was looking to purchase that parents had reported toys falling on their child or the gym not staying assembled. We've had no problems with ours, but something to keep in mind.

2. Sophie la Girafe Teether

This little giraffe doesn't look like much for the price, but there's something about the way Sophie is shaped the Baby B just loves. The legs of this little teether are just the right size for baby's hands and between the four legs and long neck, there's plenty of places to use as a teether.

We received Sophie as a gift and I was surprised Baby B loved this toy so much. Sophie also has a squeaker inside that drives the dog crazy. Sophie is also easy to wash should she fall on the dirty floor.

3. Swing

We have the Fisher Price My Little Snugglepuppy Cradle and Swing. I know they say some babies are finicky about these types of items, but we never had a problem with Baby B enjoying this swing. I like to put Baby B in his swing while I'm working in the kitchen or cleaning up the living room. I can easily see him and he's strapped in so I know he can't get into any trouble. This swing also has a mirror and mobile that hangs above the baby that our little one has spent hours looking at. I was surprised by how much he enjoyed this feature especially because the mobile is not a bright color. This swing also plays night time or day time music and plugs into the wall so that you don't have to worry about batteries.

4. Ball (other item that rattles and baby can hold)

Baby B loves his Oball because it rattles and he can easily hold onto it. Before he was able to grip toys I would hold up a ball and rattle it for him and he would watch the ball. This is a very simple toy, but one that baby can get a lot of playtime out of. Baby B also enjoyed playing with his ball at the beach and it was easy to wash off when it encountered sand. If you have vacation plans, check out the blog Must-haves for a Beach Trip With Baby.

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5. Lovie

This one is really broad, but by 2 months old your little one will be holding onto things and they will love to feel the softness of a lovie. A lot of these have some sort of animal head with a blanket body and silk lining the edges or inside. Baby B enjoys holding one of these and naturally, sticking it in his mouth. These are another inexpensive toy that your little one will soon grow attached to.

It has been so fun watching my little man grow and play. While I wish he'd stay little forever, I love playing with him and seeing each new milestone. Also check out our toy recommendations for 3-6 months!

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